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Advantages for Foreign Applicants Seeking A U.S. Trademark Attorney

Are you looking for an expert U.S. Trademark Attorney? You’ve found the best source! We are the most accessible on-line directory to find your next U.S. Trademark Attorney. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (U.S.P.T.O) recently required all foreign applicants to utilize a U.S. Trademark Attorney to file a trademark application in the United States. In most past instances, foreign applicants have built strong mutual relationships with a U.S. law firm and a local foreign law firm. The local foreign law firm facilitates the filing of a U.S. trademark with U.S. law firm and the business relationship is also offered in the receiving jurisdiction. This system has worked with few flaws because the U.S.P.T.O allowed pro se applicants to file applications separately (which is no longer allowed). This process can be time consuming because attorneys have to initially meet the foreign applicant/law firm via a trademark association or by expensive visits or connections with the foreign location. Here, the need for a mutual relationship, which can be time intensive and expensive is eliminated. Instead, a potential client can find qualified expert U.S. Trademark Attorneys in one place.

Advantages for U.S. Applicants Finding and Comparing A U.S. Trademark Attorney

In addition, most people just need a knowledgeable experienced U.S. Trademark Attorney. Routinely, when you file a trademark, you receive tons of solicitations from "trademark attorneys" trying to help you obtain your trademark. The problem is that, before this website, there was no central place to find a trademark attorney or to compare trademark attorneys to find the right lawyer for you. Not only should you hire a trademark attorney who is an expert in trademark law and not just moonlighting, but they should also be knowledgeable about your specialty that you’re trying to protect. For instance, if you want to trademark clothing, the attorney should be aware of terms of art within the clothing industry; if you are trademarking plants, knowledge of horticulture will be important; if your product concerns industrial oils, they should know about them too!

How It Works

It’s simple. You’re just a few clicks away from protecting your business. Search our broad attorney database and choose an attorney. Fill-in your trademark details and you’re on your way! We’ll help to get your business protected now!

Trademark Process

5 Easy Steps
  1. Choose a qualified U.S. trademark attorney
  2. Start your trademark application (this website starts this process with our preliminary trademark application)
  3. Wait for great communication from your selected U.S. Trademark Attorney
  4. Protect your business name and/or logo.
  5. Create a trademark portfolio for your brand.
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We make choosing a trademark attorney easy. We’ve done all of the hard work and it’s free, until you hire an attorney. We’ve compiled a thorough list of qualified U.S. trademark attorneys who practice in various industries and speak various languages. All you have to do is decide what works for you. Whether you need a U.S. attorney in New York, Utah, or any state, we have you covered. If you need an attorney that speaks your native language, we’ve got you covered. If you need an automotive trademark attorney, if you need a trademark attorney who understands the food industry, if you need a trademark attorney with knowledge of the technology industry, we’ve got you covered! Just click your specifications and enter your trademark information and you’re on your way! We’re the only company that offers you choices with various qualified U.S. trademark attorneys. Most websites advertise only one attorney and put you in a time-consuming expedition of comparing qualified trademark attorneys. Here, you can easily review and compare highly qualified trademark attorneys who are experts in their field. Just look and click and you’re on the way to protecting your business.

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Get Instant FREE ACCESS to U.S. Trademark Attorneys! We are the only dedicated website to find U.S. Trademark Attorneys. We have the most qualified experienced trademark attorneys in our database. Enter your search criteria, compare trademark attorneys, and find your trademark attorney! It’s that simple. Just select “get started” or “find attorney” to find an attorney now.

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