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Business Goals? Grow Your Trademark Practice!

Calling all U.S. trademark attorneys! Are you looking for an opportunity to grow and/or sustain your practice?

Join the world's first and only thorough "connections" database for established and new trademark attorneys. We are the world's fastest-growing on-line trademark marketplace. Clients worldwide are now required to use a qualified U.S. Attorney to file a U.S. trademark. This is the first and only dedicated database for U.S. trademark attorneys. Clients searching for an attorney need to find you!

Get direct access to clients who are actively seeking qualified trademark attorneys like you. Your clients will include individuals, start-ups, and entrepreneurs from across the world, including the United States. Our proprietary algorithm helps to distinguish you from other general practitioners and other trademark attorneys. We also have marketed the website in the United States and overseas, to potential clients. This saves you the legwork, brain trust, and money. The clients are here and waiting for you to select.

Why clients use Trademark Passport?

Trademark Passport's technology allows trademark attorneys and clients to connect and effortlessly create a relationship that can easily lead to the successful completion of a trademark application. Trademark Passport's platform guides potential clients through the initial trademark intake process and gives you, the practitioner, important preliminary information about potential clients so that you can make informed business decisions. The trademark directory features some of the leading Trademark attorneys and firms within the United States. To ensure that you and/or your firm is listed, sign up below.

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